Target age: 8–12 Years
Session length: 0.5h–2h
Platform: Browser (Student), Windows (Teacher)
Multiplayer only (up to 30 players)
Requires local network connection
Soundless (visual and tactile feedback only)
The CURIO toolkit allows teachers to create educational scenarios that can then be played in a playful, virtual environment.

Engagement with students is ensured through an attractive design and easy to use interface. Learning takes place using an inquiry based approach that helps students examine complex topics through gamification. This makes such topics more approachable. Students can use laptops, desktop computers, or mobile devices to access the application, which is controlled by the teacher. Students’ digital devices will not need to be connected to the internet to access CURIO.

We are organizing a training day for teachers who intend to make use of this toolkit. The training will take place in May 2020. An official certificate of attendance will be issued by the Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta.

Please let us know if you are interested by filling in this short form.