CURIO will be freely and publicly available starting from SUMMER 2020 on this website, together with instruction videos and educational material.

CURIO is played within a common web browser, but does not require access to the Internet as the game is hosted by teachers in the classroom. The only requirement is a local network (WiFi or tethered) that connects players with the game server which is operated by a teacher.

Each game session in CURIO is a competition between three student teams. Individual students are distributed into one of these teams and contribute to their team's score through their performance. The goal of a session is to defeat the Haze of Confusion, a storm cloud of exam papers that has engulfed the fictional galaxy of the game world and sapped energy from the planets in its path. Each team controls a spaceship tasked with chasing the Haze and taking it down. The haze is fought by solving exam questions relating to the pre-defined topic, with each correct answer damaging the Haze and reducing its reach.

Teams increase the amount of damage they inflict on the Haze by visiting planets and generating questions. The team that manages to contribute the most to the final fight with the Haze wins. While chasing the haze, players will visit many planets.

CURIO is a EU project funded by ERASMUS+ offering a toolkit to assist with the teaching of scientific topics to primary students, stimulating their scientific curiosity. Visit the Partners page for more information!